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5 Reasons to Give at the End of the Year.

December 21st, 2016 by Laura Smith


2016 might be quickly (how is it almost New Years Eve?!) coming to an end, but there is still plenty of time to give back and make the future of a youth in Larimer County bright. So while there still might be gifts to buy and stockings to hang, the year isn't over yet. Together, we can  give back before getting from others.

Here are five reasons why end of the year giving will always land you on the nice list.

It makes you feel good.

There's a lot of bad things in this world, but that doesn't mean you have to succumb to it. You know what makes you feel good? Doing good. No matter the amount of money or the length of time, giving to charities helps put a little sunshine and warmth back into the world. And who doesn't like sunshine and warmth? (Especially in these Colorado winters...)

Donating to the BGCLC qualifies for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit.

When you make a donation to the BGCLC, you can reduce your taxes through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit. This means that in addition to the standard Federal and State Income Tax deductions, the credit provides a 50 percent state tax credit for donations made to the BGCLC. Learn more about the CCCCTC here.

As little as a $10 donation gives one youth a full-year membership to a Club Unit.

$10! That's all it takes to give one youth in Larimer County a full-year of programs, hours of fun and a safe environment to grow in. While $10 might not seem like much, it supplies 365 days of having somewhere to call home.

You'll be a leader/motivator for others.

Have kids or a partner who looks up to you? Be their #givingback leader this holiday season. Make like Rudolph and lead that sleigh of holiday cheer.

Volunteering counts as #givingback if you can't give money.

Aren't able to part with funds this year? Totally OK! Grab some friends and volunteer for a few hours this holiday season...the more the merrier we always say. #timeismoneytoo


Meet the Staff: Tammy Chandler!

December 8th, 2016 by Laura Smith

Known most for her dedication (maybe addiction?) to THE BUDGET and color coded spreadsheets, Tammy has been with BGCLC for 14 years! She is not only our organization's Finance Director, she is also an educator/mentor in the Clubs implementing Money Matters when she can. We want to recognize and thank Tammy for all she has done for BGCLC! Read below to learn more!


What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is hands down Mexican! I believe it's a group in the food pyramid.

What is your ideal vacation?

Ideal vacation would be traveling with my family to any place I haven't been to yet.  A long trip to include Australia, New Zealand, Russia & Spain.

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

A saw to make a shelter, a ship to shore radio so someone could come get me, and to keep wild animals away The Rock Johnson... on second thought I don't need that radio  Ha!

What is a unique talent that you have?

I can organize anything into a color coded spreadsheet  ;0)

What do you enjoy most about working at the Boys & Girls Club?

Everything!  I've been with the organization since 1991.  I enjoy my work, the people throughout the organization I work with, and playing with the kids every week.  And I"m very excited to be part of the Big Campaign to open more clubs!!!

Volunteers of the month: Sam & Alex Gray!

December 1st, 2016 by Laura Smith


Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County wouldn't be such a success without our awesome volunteers who help in the Clubs, at events and anything and everything else we can think of. Which is why we couldn't be happier to introduce a new blog series: Volunteer of the Month. If you're a volunteer with BGCLC and would like to be featured, reach out to Megan, our volunteer coordinator at!

Meet Sam & Alex Gray, volunteer gurus! 


Sam and Alex Gray have been volunteering at the Loveland-Pulliam Boys & Girls Club for the past three months. During their time at the Club, they've started a knitting club and brought several fun activities to the arts room. They are both OJP mentors for our Club Members.

We really appreciate Sam and Alex's dedication to the Club as well as the art room as we searched for a new Arts Program Specialist!