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5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer with BGCLC.

August 25th, 2016 by Laura Smith


1. Lots of Unique Opportunities!

We want you to love volunteering with us, not dread it like you dread grocery shopping each week. Whether it's working a booth at a local festival, going with youth on a field trip, or simply donating your time here at Program Support, we want YOU to decide what makes you happy about giving back, and we are more than happy to uniquely tailor that to whatever gets you excited!

2. Share Your Passions with Youth!

We want you to bring your unique skills, talents and interests to the table. Your strengths and passions are an inspiration to our kids. Teach a program of your own design in your own area of expertise and make a difference in your own way!

3. Get Involved With Your Community! 

We know that the community in which you live and work is vital to the success of your non-profit, which is why we get out into the communities we serve to give back and promote how we serve the youth of Larimer County. If you're interested in volunteering in YOUR community, then volunteer with us!

4. Boost Skills And Experience! 

Interested in learning more about youth development or why the outdoors is a great learning tool? We don't want you to just volunteer and leave. We encourage learning, sharing skills and really having an unique experience. We strive for great futures for the youth that we serve, and also for the volunteers we connect with.

5. Have a Blast While Giving Back! 

Staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs love what we do, and we highly encourage fun at all hours of the day. Since we enjoy what WE do, we want you to have fun giving back and hanging out with us. Giving back should make you feel good and if you volunteer with us, it will.

Interested in volunteering? Make sure to contact Megan at 

Summer 2016: and that's a wrap.

August 18th, 2016 by Laura Smith

If feels like just yesterday we were digging out the swimsuits and sunscreen, preparing for summer 2016. Time flies when you're having fun, right? It sure did for us here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County!

This summer we served 1,521 kids in Larimer County at our six club locations in Wellington, Fort Collins, Loveland, West Loveland, Winona, and Estes Park. We partnered with several local organizations, including SAVA, Colorado State University, GOCO Inspire, No Barriers, Colorado School of Mines, Old Navy, Team Wellness & Prevention, Juice Plus and Harrington Arts name just a few. We also provided several educational and fun programs for club kids, including STEM Camp, gardening, hiking club, improv classes, ballet lessons and so much more! Thank you to all our partners for helping give club kids an awesome summer and even greater futures!

Club kids and BGCLC also volunteered at numerous local events and managed to kick-back and have some fun at our 30th Birthday Bash!

This summer was pretty fantastic, but we can't wait to see what summer 2017 holds!

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Meet BGCLC Staff Amber Lorenz!

August 11th, 2016 by Laura Smith
Amber has been an outstanding Program Aide at the Estes Park Site for the last three summers. Amber is famously known for her work directing and organizing the Annual Estes Park Play each summer, which she started three summers ago! This fall Amber will be headed back to school for her final year in college, where she is earning a degree in Education. We will miss you Amber, and hope to see you next summer! Read below to learn about more about Amber!
(Amber is on the left)

(Amber is on the left)

What is your favorite food? 
All things cheesy. There's this dish they have in Costa Rica called casado that's basically rice and beans, fried fish and veggies (and cheese, obviously) which I could eat for every meal for the rest of my life.
What is your ideal vacation?Well, I love beaches and tropical locations but the problem is I am gourmet mosquito food (apparently mosquitoes are more than twice as likely to feed on people with type O blood, which is me). Lately I'm feeling the idea of a staycation. People vacation to Estes from all around the world, and I get to live here! Sometimes that still amazes me.
If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?
 1. A fun and willing companion who knows a lot about wilderness survival.
2. A really good knife or something...I don't know, ask my companion.
3. A satellite phone so I don't have to stay forever. 😉
What is an unique talent you have? 

I'm really good at Disney Scene It.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Boys & Girls Club?
My favorite part of each summer is—hands down—the plays I've worked on. I love the entire process of making a play happen—making the set and awesome costumes for each kid, seeing the enthusiasm and dedication in the kids...honestly, it's amazing seeing kids who've never done theatre before break out of their shells. Overall, though, I really love the relationships I've built with the kids over the last three summers. I miss them so much during the year!