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The Detective Turtle

July 2nd, 2015 by Jenna Riedi

Club members in Estes Park worked on their creative writing skills by partaking in a writing contest.  Lilly won first place with her story, The Detective Turtle, and read her winning story to the rest of the club.  Congratulations, Lilly!


The Detective Turtle

By Lillian P.

Jeffrey the turtle sat at his desk in his office as he looked through the evidence, putting the puzzle together.  Something didn’t seem right; how could an airplane perfectly crash into a school house? Luckily, it was empty.

A knock filled the room as he said, “It’s open.” A squirrel walked through the door and put a pile of papers on Jeffrey’s desk. “What’s this?” he asked, “Suspects to the case?” He pulled the papers closer. Looking through the pictures he nodded. “When will questioning begin?” His head poked out from his shell and a fedora rested on it.

“We were hoping now?” the squirrel known as Chip asked curiously.

Jeff shrugged. “Why not?”

Chip smiled. “Okay, great.”

Later on, Jeff was in a room at a table in front of a one-way mirror through which other investigators watched. One by one animals of other kinds walked through the door and sat across from Jeff. After everyone had been questioned, Jeff told Chip about suspects who seemed suspicious.

“One, a rat whose hair was tangled and bald in some places, was concentrating on something else besides questioning,” Jeff told Chip.

Chip nodded. “We will hold suspicious ones for more questioning.” Jeff gave a fake smile as he was tired and ready to leave. Chip patted him on the back. “Go home, finish the case tomorrow.”

He’s right, Jeff thought. He’d been working on the case for a week. He wanted to finish the case—in other words he NEEDED to finish it. As he drove home, he drove past the crime scene. People were still out there. He shrugged and pulled over and rolled down his window, presenting his badge, and continued driving and parked and got out walking…slowly…to the plane. The cockpit survived the crash. He climbed into it looking around. Spotting nothing he prepared to leave before spotting something from the corner of his eyes on the controls. It was some sort of dust—he wiped it up and put it in a plastic bag.

The next day, Jeffrey sat in a chair as suspects walked in. Jeff spotted Chip sitting down. One by one, people or animals went up. Jeffrey waited for the right moment and stood up.

“Your honor, it was…Chip!” He pulled the evidence from his coat pocket. “Acorn dust!” he said, “All over the controls of the plane!” He pulled Chip up and revealed his hands—covered in acorn dust from a bag of acorn dust chips! They took Chip away, as Jeffrey, proud, was a hero.